A Content Management System


The Forest Map Wiki is also a content management system.

A content management system is a web site where multiple users can edit content. "Many hands make light work." With a CMS, we can divide up the work.  

Content Management Systems come in two varieties.  In one case, posts go live immediately.  In the other, they require approval.  Here all new pages  require approval, but you have permission to approve your own pages.  Also if you edit an already approved page, it continues to be approved and visible. 

In today's version of the software, I get an email with every new page.  But we can also assign you a mentor, who will get the email with every new page you create.  Or the mentor could be notified of each of your edits.  

If you are not happy with the CMS user interface, pleaes tell me.  A lot of attention has gone on the end user interface, but sadly not much attention has gone on the interface for the curators.  I use it every day, and have been using it for years, so I am quite happy with it, but others will not be.  And my view is a bit different than your view, so I have not experienced exactly what you are experiencing. 




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