Developer Documentation


The documentation is being moved from the Forest Wiki Docker containers to his central server.

Sub Categories

1. GeoCoding
GeoCoding is the process of converting a postal address to latitude and longitude coordinates for displaying markers on a map.
2. Load Testing
Load testing is the process of ensuring that your Forest Wiki server will handle the expected loads.
3. How to Manage a Map Server
An overview of the issues involved in managing a Map Server
4. How to embed content in a CMS
This page describes the interface for embeddng content inside of another website.
5. Forest Wiki Installation Instructions
How to install the Forest Wiki on Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
6. Domain Names
An Edit to the domain name page for
7. Demos
Various demos are stored here.
8. MQTT: Not just for Iot
A 15 minute introduction to the MQTT protocol. Great for IoT, but it is also good for web applications such as chat.
9. How to fix bugs which you do not see.

10. Integrating with Twitter (and Facebook)
Twitter integration is very powerful. Here are my plans for integrating with Twitter.
11. View Api Documentation
Here is partial documentation of the View Object.