Discord Bot


There is a natural synergy between Discord servers and websites.

The Discord servers have very active engaged communities with lots of active users, but ephemeral text.  A website is much more permanent, and has canonical url’s, but maybe has few users.  A match made in heaven.

There are a large number of bots that can be written.  I am very interested in the ones which preserve and organize links.

Right now if you post a link on discord, it crawls the site,  it “embeds” the url, and the moment passes.  The link gets buried in history.

The bot could take the URL, crawl the website and generate the following text.

Title: My Favorite Site

URL: <MyDomain.com>

Description:  A great  WebSite.

Dear @User, if you approve of that link, please type in !approve and it will be added to our website.  If you want to make changes, just retype the information you want posted.

The <> around the url make it not embed the URL, just display the URL string.

Of course then we just have an infinite list of links on some server, they really need to be sorted by categegory.  So if the category is not specified, the user gets a secure PM, saying please click on this URL to enter the category.  And there is a nice tree widget to enter the category.

Or there is a page of categories, they can scroll through to find the right one.  So if they know the category name they can do the following.

Title: My Favorite Site

URL: <MyDomain.com>

Description:  A great  WebSite.

Category: Blogs

It is also possible to go through the list of previously posted links, and DM people asking them to edit the link.  This will also work for YouTube Videos.

One could also backup the list of Discord server users.