Discord Link Bot


This is a plan for how the Discord Link bot will work.

The discord user should be able to type the following.  


And have the right information added to the directory.  So it also needs a title, a description and an image!

When you add a link to Facebook, Twitter, or discord, the server can grab the title image and description off of the website  What it has difficulty doing is categorizing the content. But people are quite good at categorizing content.  So it is easy for a person to type in a topic hash-tag and a url on discord and have the directory get updated.  

The server will be creating a taxonomy of links.  For  this to work,  the category name has to be from a list of approved categories.  Shortly there will be such a page. 

And the person has to have permission.  Maybe s senior editor gets approved right away.  Junior people need someone to approve their posting. 

Discord has reactions to messages.  A senior editor could add a like to a posted link, to indicate approval for a particular posting.  Or a dislike to indicate rejection for that posting either in general, or on that category.

The software can have memory. It can respond by saying: 
“ This link has already been added to the following category…” 
Thank you for submitting that link, sadly it has already been rejected for the archive.    


This is a well behaved bot.  “Speak only when spoken to.”  

There can also be error message:

Thank you for submitting that link in the category "General Health" Sadly there are too many postings in the root of the tree.  Please post it instead on a leaf of the tree. 

This is a useful bot.  It actually reduces the work load of those creating archives.  No need to click into a list of archives.  Just remember the category name, and it will work. 

And if they do not remember the exact category name

!related covid-19

shows the related categories. 

And if they do not like the title or description found on the web page. 

?title A new treatment
?intro Britain Announces a New Covid Medicine

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