Forest Wiki Training


Class Notes for the Forest Wiki class

This is the outline of the Forest Wiki class.  Mostly it is done against a server, so there are no slides. 

  1.  Introductoin
    1. Competing Products
    2. Show the vision with PythonLinks.nfo
    3. Show the details with
  2. Edit existng pages with the WYSIWYG ckEditor and the more technical ace editor. 
  3. Add some pages. 
  4. Show how to add Google Maps.  Since most of the time is spent gettng a Google API Key,  we do not do this, we just show how it could be done. 
  5. Show the look and feel content types
    1.    Chameleon Page Template
    2. CSS
    3. Javascritpt
    4. And others in the menu bar. 
  6. Show the main page layout.  A series of exercises to edit the main page. 
  7. Conclusion.  Recommend for hosting.  Show them how to fire up a container on

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