GeoCoding is the process of converting a postal address to latitude and longitude coordinates for displaying markers on a map.

 The Forest Wiki uses Google apis to geocode.  Organizations, Politicians, Meetups, Locations, and AddressMaps all have addresses and need to be geocoded.  WIthout GeoCoding enabled, you cannot add them to the Forest Wiki, it will generate an error message. 

The Forest Wiki uses Google GeoCoding  You need to get credentials from the Google Cloud Console.  On the web you can find lots of good documentation on how to do this.   But let me give you a few hints. 

For security purposes, you have to tell Google the ip address of your map server. When first i did this is used an ipv5 address of my debian server.  It did not like that.  It needed an ipV6 address. 

On most linux servers, such as servers, just type in 

ip -6 address

to get your ip address. But that does not work on Digital Ocean.  You get an ipV5 address, but it does not work. 

And if you are hosting on Digital Ocean, reportedly ipV6 is disabled by default.  You have to enable it in the admin console. 

To enter your API key, login with admin permissions  and type /configure. 

That is where you enter all kinds of configuration parameters. 


And it is okay to use a P.O. Box for geocoding.