Javascript and Node.JS centric hosting, with a free intermittent (120hrs/month) option.


Glitch appears to be the most relevant competitor.  

There are three basic project types that you can choose to start with

Static websites  These are just web hosted files, so they stay up all of the time. 

They also have a free tier for Node.js A  Docker container with 512 Meg, a node server, and 120 hours a month. 

Full-stack JavaScript applications 

You can also get a free SQLite database with it. 

Full-stack JavaScript applications with database

They have a multi-user web editor for code stored on the file system, and code can be pushed or pulled to github or gitlabs. 

 Here is their Wikipedia page.  

Here is their resoruuce limits page.  

Focussed on Node.JS, and Javascript