How to embed content in a CMS


This page describes the interface for embeddng content inside of another website.


Basically it is a tree of objects.  Really a graph, but for now let us focus on the tree.


So there are multiple content types.

For now let us focus on the map,

Organizations, Politicians, Online Events, and Real World events.  It is a tree of objects. Every object can be reached by traversing the tree.  Content objects, also have canonical urls, they appear to be a the root of the tree.


And then we have views on objects.   The main view in the index view.  That is always the default if no other view is specified.   Then we have the content view.  That is used by my single page web application.  It assumes that all of the javascript libraries are loaded.  And now we have the wp-content view.  That also loads the required libraries and CSS.


There are a lot more views, but for now, only 4 more are needed.  For the website, I have addPolitician, addOrganization, addEvent, and addOnlineEvent.


For the CMS we need addCMSPolitician, addcmSOrganizatin, addCMSEvent, addCMSOnlineEvent.








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