Market Plan


 There are many websites for learning programming, but very few for teaching it. 

Most of the sites are for an individual.  Very few have a concept of a student teacher relationship. 

Here is the best site we know of for learning Python.


Lovely exercises, easy to implement, but it needs the concept of a teacher. 

The teacher should be able to see which students have saved their work, and which ones have the correct 

answer.  Since many students are now working from home,  the teacher cannot look over their shoulders, so

the teacher should be able to click into any students saved work.    The teacher should be able to see and edit the answer and solution, and click a check box when they want the students to be able too see the answer and solution. 


I should be able to create such a content type with a day’s work.  At most a week’s work.  


There are other issues with the other teaching websites.  Very many are Javascript focussed with a Node.JS server.  Javascript was developed in a few days, and is not the best first language.  The Python concepts are much clearer, evolved over decades.  

And if you are doing Python, you really should have a syntax checking editor.   They don’t.

We still need to teach basic HTML, CSS and Javascript, but let us be kind to our students.

After a quick introduction to Javascript, better to teach CoffeeScript, which like Python tosses out the brackets, and uses indentation to define structure.   

And Pug does the same for HTML. 

And since we live in a distributed world, we should also be teaching our students JSON, and JSON  Schema.  

So I think that with very little additional work I can provide you and other teachers with a very useful free multi-user docker container.