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Description of classes

I am offering a series of free classes on interesting technologies.  For the Saturday class, first preference is given to Hackerspace Silesia members. The class schedule is listed on the Hackerspace Silesia web site.    Please sign up on the HackerSpace Meetup.com site.   (The classes are not yet listed there.)   6-8pm.  All classes are taught in English by a native English speaker.  You are most welcome to ask questions in Polish. 

Pug.js Training April 16th  6-8pm.   Tickets

Pug.js Training  April 20th 2-4pm. Tickets


Pug.js s an interesting HTML templating language.  Demo. Like Python and Coffeescript it uses indentation to define structure.   It can generate static HTML, Python's Chameleon Page Templates, or Javascript.  Here are 3 examples.

HTML Example               Python Example       Javascript Example

I find it so much simpler than hacking HTML. In this Pug class, we will learn the basics and try out all 3 approaches.  The focus will be on using it to edit bootstrap menus.  First on the server using page templates, and then on the client, using javascript.    The idea is to make you comfortable with the technology, so that you can explore more on your own.  HTML and Javascript experience required.  A little Python is also helpful. 

Iodide is like Jupyter Notebooks, but the compute server is in the browser.  It includes PyOdide which is cPython running on WASM in the browser.   Demo.

CoffeeScript is a cross between Python and Javascript.  It uses Python indentation to define structure, but generates Javascirpt.   It is amazing how many lines of Javascript ban be replaced by one line of CoffeeScript. Demo.  Javascript experience is required. 

Google Maps.  It is easy to make a google map.   No web development experience is needed. 

Forest Wiki supports all of these interesting technologies.  It allows one to edit the contents and the look and feel of a wiki in the browser.  

Technical English for Electronics Engineers. I am also thinking of offering this course.  Katowice is the center of digital design in Poland, maybe in all of Eastern Europe.  Cadence Design, Mentor Graphics, ARM and Synopsis all have large offices here.  Are there any other important firms?  You can come and talk about your projects, and have a native English speaking engineer correct your technical English.  If you are planning on doing a presentation, you are most welcome to practice it here and I will correct it. 

This is the first time that I am doing these classes, so I am proceeding cautiously with small classes. Who knows where this will go?  I do plan on offering the Iodide classes at conferences across Europe.  cPython on WASM is a very hot technology.  



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