Integrating with Twitter (and Facebook)


Twitter integration is very powerful. Here are my plans for integrating with Twitter.

I am working on adding twitter integration to the Forest Wiki. There are the content types which have a twitter id: organization, online organization and politician.   The simplest twitter integration would be to tween when one of those content types is created.  One could tweet to the Twitter If of the content type.  

A more sophisticated option is to wait until all the content types have been added, and then tweet to all of them, one tweet per TwitterId.  Saying something like: 

@TwitterId, I have added you to this map.  TheMap.URL.  Here is your page.  TheMap.URL/your-page-name

There are lengthy rules governing automated tweets.  And there are rich cultural norms which need to be followed, but once one starts engaging with Twitter (of Facebook), all kinds of opportunities open up. 

The next thing I am thinking of doing is tweeting to new followers.  Thank you for following me.  You may also be interested in followed  @HowieHawkins, @AngelaNWalker, @GreenPartyUS and @YourLocalGreenParty. 

Where @YourLocalGreenParty depends on their geographical location.  Since it provides useful information, customized to each individual




All of those can have twitter id's and soon it will be possible to automatically tweet to them.  When adding a new page with Twitter Id, it is possible to automatically send them a tweet.  Or when all the pages with Id are entered, one can send them all a tweet. 

Automatically tweet to each organization or politician, with a TwitterId, that we have added you to the map.  Please check if all of the data is correct.  If the data is not correct, we invite you to login with twitter and edit it. 

Of course that involves wrestling with Twitter OAuth 1, which is completely different than OAuth 2.  What else can we do with the Twitter apis?  Lots, but it is not easy.  There are all kinds of social norms, Twitter business constraints, and even GP constraints.  But the longest journey begins with a single step.