How this product benefits different users.


Online Demo 


For the user

The Forest Wiki user  can add Wiki pages, Google Maps, Locations,  Iodide Workbooks, files, and images.  He can edit a wiki page with a WYSIWIG editor,  or  he can  edit a page with the more technical syntax checking Ace editor. Of course you do not have permission to add or edit the pages, so there are no submit buttons on the demo forms.  The management interface (ZMI) allows you to look at any page, see its children, and rename, cut, copy, and delete them.  Cut and copied pages and branches can be pasted elsewhere in the tree.

For the Admin

The admin can use the browser to edit the Forest Wiki's look and feel (and even functionality).  The admin has access to HTML (Chameleon Page Template)   CSS,   Javascript,    CoffeeScript React, and  Pug objects.   They all use the graphical Ace editor. The  Forest Wiki organizes Javascript, Coffeescript React and Pug objects into a tree of Javascript objects.   You can then use the browser to   search this tree of Javascript objects.    During production the browser will download the minified javascript.  

For the Data Scientist

The Forest Wiki includes Iodide Notebooks.  Iodide is like Jupyter Notebooks, but the kernels run in the browser in cPython.  Iodide includes a cPython on WASM kernel, and other language kernels are being added.  The Forest Wiki allows one to create a tree of Iodide Notebooks, and to add numerous content types to each notebook.  

For the Organization

It is really easy for each organization to host their own Forest Wiki, to create the content, to customize the look and feel, and to publish  as JSON for other organizations to consume.   You can publish the whole tree, a branch of the tree or multiple branches.  It is really easy to import JSON.  Either mirror another wiki, or add another wiki,  as a  branch of your wiki.  Or import multiple branches from multiple wikis.  Mix and match, curate content, And then republish. 

For the Web Curator

The Forest Wiki lets you organize links to web sites as a tree of categories.  As the tree grows, you can create new categories, and rearrange them, but the URL's to the  individual wiki pages stay the same. 

For the News Editor

The Forest Wiki lets news editors recommend news articles,  For any branch of the tree, you can publish a list of the most recent items.  The software calculates the most recent items, and caches the results.   When content changes, the most recent list is recalculated. 

For the Student

While this is called a Wiki, it is already a full  development environment  Since everything is in the browser, you do not need to log into a server, nor learn how to use the terminal.  It is particularly good for learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, CoffeeScript, and Pug. 

For the Python Developer

The Forest Wiki is built in Python using  Persistent Python running on an  object database written in Python and optimized in C.  You can  edit Python Chameleion Page Templates in the browser.   Pug generates valid Chameleon Page Templates which can be rendered on the server.  You can even run the Python debugger in the browser.   And if you really really insist on writing Python using an  ancient unix file system, and even more ancient terminal,  supported source code licenses are available.   

Two Last Points  

The Forest Wiki really is a tree of pages and it is a tree of objects.  Every page is a view on an object.   Many people think that it is a tree of directories containing files.  It is not.  Technically speaking it is a tree of objects stored in  an object database. Every Page object has  a title, a description, HTML content, a parent, and possibly children.   You can view, manage or edit Page objects. Other types of objects have many other views, about 80 different views altogether. 

 Every wiki page has a position in the tree, so it can be accessed by a URL such as Every wiki page name is unique, so there is also a canonical URL.

The Forest Wiki  is now available as a docker container.  It works great as a stand alone WIki or for Google Map. 


   Do you have any questions?  Please send me an email.

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