What the Forest Wiki Adds to Iodide


Forest Wiki is a Content Management System which ads a number of features to Iodide.

cPython running on WASM in the browser is so important that I added it to the Forest Wiki.  So everyone asks, how does this compare to the Iodidie Django server?

Both run Iodide notebooks.  Both support Object Versions.   Both allow you to store file objects. 

The Iodide Django server runs on PostgreSQL.  So it supports a linear list of Iodide notebooks.  One can add file objects to a notebook.  Notebooks have owners.

The Forest Wiki runs on an object database, so that you can create a tree of content items.  Iodide notebooks can have children.  There is a rich collection of content types which can be added.  For Iodide, the important ones are CSS, Javascript, CoffeeScript, Pug.js, and Javascript Folders, which all come with the syntax checking Ace Editor.  You can also add Image and File objects.  There is a rich permissions system.

The Forest Wiki Iodide pages have more menu options than the Iodide Django Server. And you can add and edit the menu options using  just the browser.   No need to do file system development. 

Thank you so much to Mozilla for building this.

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