Review Of Mobilize


My personal perspective on the Mobilize Platform.

CrunchBase says that "Mobilize is a community management platform, a space your members will love to stay connected, participate in discussions, & attend events." 

Mobilize is basically just a database of events, search by zip code.  And some chat rooms.   Mobilize got $8 million in venture capital.  I have no idea how companies spend that much money on software.  Totally boggles my mind.  I asked one Silicon Valley professional.  She said :”On Salaries!”

Mobilize is run by the president of  A new service for online progressives.  

They have their own chat software. did the right thing being a stand alone platform.  I think nowadays, integration with other platforms is much more important.  People want to use BaseCamp, or Slack, or Discord, or Zoom.  How many chat rooms do you need on your cell phone?

Mobilize did do one thing right. They provide (presumably free) services to many progressive organization.  That builds the network effect. The Forest Map Wiki should do the same thing. 

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