The Forest Wiki not only speaks Python, HTML, CSS and Javascript, it also understands and supports the student teacher relationship.  It is a free docker container, you can run anywhere. 

Here is the teaching Python with Turtle Graphics demo.

Here is the cPython in the browser demo

You can get it from the Docker Hub page

There is no need to install any software on any student's computers.  You just need to install the Forest Wiki Docker container.  There is no need to access or learn a shell.  Everything is done in the browser.  

Learning Python and Web Development

Python is the best first language to learn, the concepts are very clean, but it is not the only skill students should acquire.  Beginner students can also learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.    Intermediate students can eliminate the tags and braces on web pages and make the code more intelligible by replacing HTML, CSS and Javascript with Pug, SaSS and CoffeeScript.  Advanced students, and the teachers, can run Python on their own Forest Wiki server  using PythonScripts, Chameleon HTML Templates, Chameleon Pug Templates, Jinja2 JSON and Javascript Templates, and Transcrypt.    For graduating students it is possible to build a serious term project using  the Forest Wik as a JSON data base.   I used it to build GreenMaps.US