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The Multilingual Forest Wiki is both a content management system, and a web site builder. It is initially fast to build a web site, and later easy to customize it. All work is done in the browser, through the web, and it has great hierarchical security, so it is perfect for groups. You can also use it to teach web development.

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The Multilingual Forest Wiki is a tree of multilingual web pages.  Create and edit pages in your favorite language, have them automatically transalted into other languages. The supporting AI is quite good, but It is wise to then have a native speaker login, proof read and correct them.

Page names (slugs) are unique, so every page can be accessed by both its hierarchical path, and by its shorter canonical url  at /page-name.   The tree also supports logos, banners, and social media images

Really the Forest Wiki is a tree of persistent Python objects. Web development can be done with the more technical content types, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PUG, Jinja, SON and YAML.   All come with the syntax checking Ace Editor.   Javascript and CSS can be organized as understandable trees of small objects, served fast as a single file.   PUG. like HAML,  uses indentation to define HTML structure simplifying HTML editing.

Python development can be done with the browser based cPython (Pyodide),  Python Scripts, Skulpt, Transcrypt,  Jinja, Chameleon Page Templates, and Pug. The Forest WIki's Transcrypt was the first browser based Python to include a debugger.  The sandboxed Jinja allows students to securely access Python objects on the server.  Chameleon Page templates are valid HTML, but can contain Python commands.

The object management interface  (OMI)  makes it easy to manage the tree of persistent Python objects. The OMI supports rename, retitle, reboth (name and title), cut, copy, paste and delete.  The objects are stored on an persistent object graph database.

Security is an important strength of the Forest Wiki.  Users can be given permissions on a branch of the tree, making it easy to organize large groups of people to work on a shared web site and not step on each other’s toes. Each student can have their own secure branch of the tree.

Page history is preserved until packing.   One can thus revert to a previous version of a page. 

The Forest Wiki is provided as a docker container.  It uses an embedded database, so there is only a single process, making it very easy to install and manage.

The Forest Wiki has been heavily used as the basis for other applications.   GreenMaps.US is a hierarchical model of the US Green Party. aggregates and curates RSS feeds in order to circumvent media censorship.  Check out the recommended climate change videos on UncensoredNews.US/climate-change.

The Forest Wiki is a first cousin to Plone.  

 Built using the  Forest Map Wiki