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Teach Python in the Browser

The Forest Wiki supports multiple ways to use Python in the browser. It was the first tool to allow Python debugging in the browser for code written in the browser.

 The Forest wiki supports Python in the browser with Pyodide, Skuplt and Transcrypt.

Pyodide is cPython compiled to web assembly.  It really does run in the browser.   This also includes a letter-perfect syntax checking editor.   The problem is that Web Assembly does not support debuggers, and also it takes a few seconds to load the large Pyodide file.   Pyodide is rilliant for porting python applicaitons to the browser.  Also good for beginners.

Skupt is Python implemented in Javascript.  It includes turtle graphics, assingments, and student management.  Sadly it also does not include a debugger.  So it is also good for beginner developers.

The jewel in the crown is Transcrypt.   Actually I did not realize how good it was, so I disabled it.   But then I went to a Python conference, found out how important Python in the browser is, and am about to add it back into the Forest Wiki.  Why is Transcrypt so wonderful?  Because it allows debugging in the browser! Transcrypt is cPython compiled to Javascript.  You use the source code debugger feature of Google Chrome  to step through the native Python.  so it feels like debugging Python.  

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