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Ghost vs Forest Wiki

I have a lot of respect for

It is a thoroughly modern application with a great user interface. It has a particularly good editor. I recommend it to many people.   Its limitations have to do with its computational model.  It has just one table of articles.  So developers have to mess with routes.   Much better to do a tree of content types, then one can add new content types as needed.  Plus a tree makes for a much better security model, one can assign permissions to branches of the tree. 

They also have a business model of nickeling-and-diming you to death.  Every add-on is a source of revenue for the company.  I would much prefer if they just added functionality to the platform for free.  But I do understand why they take that approach.  Singapore is an expensive place to run a company.

If you are Node developer, then by all means use running Node.js.  If you are a Python developer, you are better off using the Forest Wiki.  Also if you have a complex web site, you will be better served by the Forest Wiki, with multiple branches, and different content types.




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