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Web development Class for Progressives

This is a web development class for progressive organizations and candidates.

Usually creating a web site is time consuming or expensive.  With the Forest Wiki, it only takes a few minutes to create a political web site.  These web sites can include the Uncensored News feed. Additional content can be added, as well as multi-lingual translations.

Why is it possible to create a web site so fast?  The Forest Wiki is a content management system.   Rather than adding generic web pages, one adds content objects.  Candidates, Elected Officials, Party Officers, Online Organizations, Local Organizations, State Organizations, National Maps, and State maps.  Each such object has some data fields.  Fill out the form and you have the web page.  Really it is a web site to which one can add additional pages, videos, images, files and other content.  No technical skills are needed to do this.  

Of course a web site is not enough.  One also needs traffic.  The main stream media tends to throttle traffic to progressive web sites. So helps people to find you.  And then your information will also show up on GND.GreenMaps.US, M4A.GreenMaps.uS, NRCV.GreenMaps.US and if you are Green even on www.GreenMaps.US.  

For web developers, it is possible to run your own Forest Wiki Docker container, and customize the look and feel, the skin, using HTML, CSS and Javascript objects.

Of course the more serious web developers can learn to use Pug, Coffeescript and SASS.

Progressive candidates are those who reject corporate money.  So they often do not have funds to hire a web developer.   That is why this free service is being provided.

 Built using the  Forest Map Wiki