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Letter To

Vultr is interested in adding BastilleBSD to their marketplace. Here is my letter updating them on my progress.

I now have my software running on Bastille containers on Freebsd on   Bastille hugely simplifies my work. There are some 200K people like me on the subreddit r/selfhosted who may well be interested in using Bastille on vultr. We plan on engaging with them.  Here is what you need to know.

First of all we did the right thing choosing Bastille.  At one point two weeks ago, when things were looking hopeless, I checked out the alternatives.   All the other BSD jail systems I looked at were abandonware.  Last GitHub updates  over a year ago and tons of unresolved  issues.  In contrast Bastille is under active development, has an active discord server, and a nice looking web site.   Also Docker containers now run on Bastille.  All but the 386 optimizing commands.  They call it an experimental feature.  All community generated,  the core developer just looked on, so there is huge interest.    Bastille has momentum.  Bastille’s future looks promising.

I took a look at some of the Bastille code.  It all looks very nicely done.    I will enjoy  working with it.

Vultr is brilliant for Bastille.  There are two modes of configuring Bastille containers.  Using a private network (Pnet), or using a Vnet.   And Vultr supports private subnets.    Private ips are a  conceptually easier solution than Vnets.  Vnets involve epairs, and bridges, and a much deeper understanding of freebsd networking.   Best if developers do not have to mess with all of that.  Private subnets just use Network Address Translation.  Much much easier to understand, configure and debug.  (I presume that no one else can access the servers at the private ips you assigned to me.) Because Vultr supports private ips, they are the best place I know of to host Bastille.

Of course this all took longer than expected.  Next up I will have to write the software to create BastilleBSD on  That will also take longer than expected.

Thank you for your patience.

Christopher Lozinski

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