Comparing the Forest Wiki to WordPress.

So wordpess is a dream.  The end users dream that the there is a plugin which does just what they need.  The developers dream that the uses will need just what their plugin does.  Maybe WordPress is really a world of shattereed dreams. 

WordPress segrates users into two classes.  Developers and End Users.  End users are given a list of articles they can add and edit, and a promise of an infinite library of plugins that can do anything.  But if the plugin does not do what they want, they are out of luck.  They have to become a developer. 

Developers are given the promise of an infinite pool of end users, but they have to adopt the given technical stack.  They have to work on the file system, but there is no security on files on windows.  They have to work in PHP, Python is not a choice.  They have to use a relational database, no object database allowed.  And they have to contort their software to fit with the WordPress architecture.  What is a hook?  And since PHP has a flat namespace, they have to pray that their names do not conflict with any other applications.