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Through the Web Development

It is much easier to develop web sites in the browser than on the file system.

Large organizations develop applications on the file system, using linux, ssh, git, Jenkins and other hard-to-learn tools.  It is much easier for students, and stand-alone developers to develop web applications in the browser, using a different automatically selected editor for each content type.



What makes the Forest Wiki unique is that you do not have to be a hard core  developer to edit the look and feel of a web site.  In WordPress, and Ghost end users cannot edit the look and feel.  You have to be, or have a developer on staff who understands git, file system development and some PHP,  or Node.js.  With the Forest wiki, the site admin can edit the look and feel through the web (TTW) using syntax checking  editors.   A little knowledge of HTML and CSS is all that is required. 

If you do not know any HTML, CSS, or Javascript, the Forest Wiki is an easy way to learn it.   No need to install development tools on your machine.  You can do everything in the browser.  In fact the Forest Wiki is a great way to teach those skills.   One target market for the Forest Wiki is training students in web technologies.  it is particularly strong for teaching.  No need to install anything on the student's machines.  And the teacher can access and review the student's saved work remotely. 

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